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Frances is a content creator, motivational mom blogger, and maternal wellness activist.

“Take a breath mama. Let go of that mom guilt you’ve been carrying around like your toddler who swore they’re a big kid and didn’t need that stroller anymore. It’s going to be okay.”

– Frances Patrice in Let’s Talk About Mom Guilt

This group is focused on supporting each other, sharing your story, and finding helpful resources & tips. Our amazing community of women all over the world come together for support, connection, and fun virtual events. Here you will get the support you need to start prioritizing your mental health, without the guilt. All moms are welcome here.


Let’s Enact Change

Not being able to control what others say and do is the scariest thing, especially right now as a parent watching all of this chaos and evil in America unfold. It’s in times like these that I am reminded, that I cannot control others’ actions, but I can control my…

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Breastfeeding Tips & Tricks

If you are having a hard time breastfeeding let me first say this, DON’T GIVE UP! I gave birth to my daughter at 32 weeks. Breastfeeding a preemie is arguably one of the hardest things to face as a mother. They are tinier, more fragile, and less likely to latch…

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